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Why send each copy?

In short: iPhone's tight security

Apple has tight iOS security, which honestly is good for all of us, but it means LoopMessage cannot auto-send multiple messages by pressing send just once.
There’s no way to send a message without that confirmation. This is not an accidental omission but a deliberate design decision. Reference:

The good news is, that we’ve created the app in such a way that sending personalized mass texts is still as fast and effortless as lifting a finger.

And the silver lining? Because LoopMessage organizes, cuts, copies, pastes, personalizes, and pops your messages in front of you one after the other, you have the chance to edit them before sending without leaving the app. So, if you’re sending the same personalized message to twenty people, you can still add a funny one-liner to your buddy without sending it to everyone else. And it’s all intuitive.

Here’s to reaching your audience with the tap of a finger.

If you use our app for macOS, there sending process is fully automated, and no need to click 'send' for each message.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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