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Can my account/phone number be banned if I use LoopMessage app?

The LoopMessage app only automates sending messages from your phone number or account. You are solely responsible for compliance with the rules of the destination instant messenger or carrier through which you will send messages. The LoopMessage app is just a tool that helps you automate routine actions.
We can't know what you will send in destination instant messengers and can't know for sure if you will be banned or not in the destination instant messenger. The LoopMessage app has been designed to help quickly send bulk personalized texts to your friends, buddies, customers, and anyone else who knows you.

Please note, LoopMessage app is not focused on sending spam. And according to our Terms of Uses, we do not guarantee that spam messages will be successfully delivered or that instant messengers algorithms will not block you.

Updated on: 17/06/2023

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