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How to send messages not from my phone number

Initially, the app was focused on sending bulk messages from your personal number or accounts in instant messengers. But for some reason, you or your company/brand do not want to keep in touch from a personal number or account. In this case, you can easily make a virtual number and register an account through it.
We do not provide virtual numbers or pre-registered accounts in instant messengers for personal messaging. But in this article, we will give tips on how you can do it yourself.
embedded-SIM (eSIM)
You can use embedded-SIM (eSIM) which will work for you as a virtual SIM on your iPhone and allow you receive/send text messages. This solution works for iMessage and other instant messengers that require phone confirmation.
We know a few services where you can obtain eSIM:
If for some reason, the above services do not meet your requirements, you can use this aggregator:

After activating the eSIM on your phone, you can receive SMS on it to register an account.

To attach an eSIM phone number to iMessage, you will need to follow the instructions below:
Please note, unlike other messengers, iMessage is activated by sending a text message in the background to a phone number in the UK or USA. Thus Apple confirms that you are the owner of the phone number. Therefore, your data plan in eSIM must support sending SMS to these countries.
VoIP Phone Services
You can sign up for WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber using a virtual phone number provided by VoIP services. VoIP phone numbers do not support attaching to iMessage.
Here is a list of services that could provide you phone number aimed to receive incoming SMS messages and calls to complete registration/verification on instant messengers.

Temporary phone number
You can use services that provide a disposable phone number to receive a confirmation text message.
This method is the most insecure since you have no control over the phone number that was used. So, this method is less recommended for use.

Please note, LoopMessage app is not focused on sending spam. And according to our Terms of Uses, we do not guarantee that spam messages will be successfully delivered or that instant messengers algorithms will not block you.

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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