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Common issues with using macOS app

This article will describe common issues that you may encounter using the LoopMessage app for macOS.

Installed several builds of WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other instant messengers.

Some instant messengers can be installed from several places, as well as in several different assemblies.
For example, WhatsApp that you downloaded from the Mac AppStore and at the same time that you downloaded from their website will be recognized as 2 different applications with the same name. And our application will not be able to determine which one needs to be launched, as a result, one of these applications will always be launched in random order. Solution: use only one WhatsApp build downloaded from only one place (website or Mac App Store) and do not install multiple builds of the same application.

The text in instant messenger was filled in, but not sent.

Usually, this issue occurs when:

macOS can't detect access to Accessibilities for LoopMessage app

Try open on your Mac System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy tab. Then if the left column selects the Accessibility section. Then, check the right list, is there placed the LoopMessage app, and the checkbox is selected?
If yes, try to delete it from there and add it again. Because sometimes macOS has some issues with checking privacy access for apps.

When your Mac is overloaded with other tasks and cannot respond quickly

Try to close apps on your Mac which you do not use and can overload your device.

You have an external display connected, and our app and destination instant messenger are located on different screens

Sometimes an external display can reduce your Mac's performance and this can affect how the LoopMessage app interacts with the target instant messenger. In this case, try to turn off temporarily your external display before starting messaging and turn on it back, only when it is finished.

Updated on: 25/06/2022

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