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Difference between Mac App Store and Website app build

The builds of the LoopMessage application that you download from the Mac App Store and our website may support different features.

Why does the build from the Mac App Store support fewer features?

Apple has its own App Review Guidelines for publishing apps on the Mac App Store. These guidelines are intended to control app developers and ensure that they meet high-quality standards and security. This also means that Apple doesn't allow apps to be published on the App Store that may interfere with any critical components of the macOS system. Everyone has to comply with these restrictions because Apple requires that apps published in the App Store must work in Sandbox. App Sandbox provides protection to system resources and user data by limiting your app’s access to resources requested through entitlements. App Sandbox protects system resources and user data by limiting apps from App Store access to your file system and system services. In other words, such apps can't cause any damage to your Mac since they don't have access to your files, apps, or system parts of macOS.
In the Mac App Store, you will not find such types of applications as: drivers, system utilities, automators, etc. That's why you can usually download such products/applications only from the company/developer’s website.

What are the pros of the app downloaded from your website?

During sending through the Messages app (iMessage and SMS), you can continue to use your device while messaging. It will work in the background.
You can separately choose to send only SMS or only iMessage.
Support for sending attachments on macOS 14 Sonoma and higher.
These features are supported because this app build has more access to system automation. The App Review Guidelines and Review Team don't allow apps with these features to be published in the Mac App Store.

How can I start using this build with more features?

Delete your current app build downloaded from the Mac App Store.
⚠️ Important! Before downloading another build of the app, you need to delete the current app that you downloaded from the Mac App Store. Otherwise, your Mac will have a "Privacy & Security" permissions conflict in macOS System Settings. Otherwise, the app may not work correctly. You must keep only one copy of the app on your Mac. Once deleted, you won't lose any app data because it's stored in a separate folder on your Mac.
Download the app from this link.
(Optional) We also recommend installing a configuration profile. This helps avoid issues with "Privacy & Security" permissions conflicts in macOS System Settings

Is it safe to use the app build downloaded from your website?

Build from our website still uses Sandbox. Therefore, the app doesn't have full access to your file system or critical part of macOS.
All builds from the website are notarized by Apple. App Notarization proves that this is an approved build of an app that Apple has validated as not containing malware. This also means that the specific company that developed the app has been reviewed by Apple.

Updated on: 26/04/2024

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