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How to create/edit/delete groups in macOS app

There are next types of groups in the app:
Groups that you can create, edit and delete. Internal groups are stored locally on your device and do not sync with iCloud.
Groups that are stored in your Phone Book (iCloud/Contacts) and synced between your devices. In the LoopMessage app, you can NOT edit these types of groups.
The app can only read your iCloud contacts or groups, but not edit them.
If you want to edit groups or contacts from your phone book, please follow Apple's instructions:
Use Contacts on
Create and change groups in Contacts on Mac

Smart groups
Automatically created groups that contain contacts related to certain events. At the moment, only one such group "Today's Birthdays" is supported. You can't edit group data, but it is automatically updated when you launch the app.

How to create an internal group

Select the Groups section
Click the Add button
Fille the Group Name
Click the "Add / Remove Contacts" button. And in the open window, select the contacts you want to add to the group. Or you can do it later.
Click Save
The created group will be stored locally on your device. And will not be uploaded to external servers.

How to edit internal groups

Double click on the group you want to edit.
Repeat the steps described above
You can only edit internal groups that have been created in the app. iCloud groups or "Birthdays" you can't edit directly in the Group section.

How to delete internal groups

Select a group you want to delete
Click the Delete button
You can only delete internal groups that have been created in the app.

Updated on: 25/06/2022

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