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What happens if my payment failed?

This article describes common problems that may occur during an attempt to charge you for a license or services.

At the end of the regular billing period, the funds could not be charged.

In case, the payment system will try to charge you again within several days. All this time, the status of your order will be active and you can continue using services or apps. If all attempts will be unsuccessful, your subscription will be canceled and the status of the order will change to expired.

If you do not want to wait several days before the next attempt. Contact our support and we will initiate an attempt to charge manually without additional waiting.
If you want to stop charge attempts, please, immediately contact support.

Does the service or license have a trial period?

In this case, if after the end of the trial it was not possible to charge you, then your license will change status to expired. After that, there will be several attempts to charge again, and if all attempts are unsuccessful, then your subscription will be permanently canceled. If during the attempts there is a successful write-off, the order status will immediately change to active.

Updated on: 25/06/2023

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