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What is sender name and how to manage them?

Sender name - a string that will be displayed to your recipient as the sender of a message.

This name may contain non-accented letters, numbers, periods, pluses, hyphens, and underscores.

The sender's name looks like an email and consists of 2 parts:
The name should be related to your company name, brand, or website. You can't use a generic sender name like: info, otp, bank, sms and etc.
Each company uses its own unique sender name and each sender name is moderated before being applied.
To obtain the sender name, go to Dashboard -> Sender names -> New sender name. Follow the instructions on the page.
If the sender's name will be rejected or already taken, we will contact you for updates. Verifying and activation of sender name take up to 2 business days. In some cases, it can take a little bit more time if we will have some doubts about your relation to the selected name, and will need to provide some proof of your relationship.

A dedicated sender name service is equivalent to renting hardware/server to keep your sender name working

The cost of the sender name consists of:
Once-off hardware setup fee
Monthly payment for hardware

What are the benefits of a dedicated sender name?

Your recipients will trust messages more if the sender's name is identical to the brand or company they know.
You will be able to receive inbound messages from your recipients (including voice messages and files).
Dedicated sending queue. Each sender name has its own sending queue.
There is no limit on the number of contacts or conversations for dedicated sender names. This way you will be able to chat with thousands of contacts from the same sender name.

We also recommend using deep links with your sender names. That helps your contacts quickly initiate a conversation with your sender.

How to share a photo or company name with a contact?

It can be done with a contact file (vCard/VCF file). You can send this file and ask your contact to add your sender name to the contacts. In the dashboard, we have a tool to generate this file or send this file when your contact just initiates a conversation.

It is highly recommended that you ask your recipient to add your sender name to their contacts because it provides the following benefits:
Awesome link previews with dynamic actions.
Your messages will never be marked as junk if your recipient uses external iOS extensions for iMessage to analyze messages.
You can add your work phone number to the vCard/VCF file so contacts can contact you by voice.
You can add your corporate or marketing email address to the vCard/VCF. Thus, your emails will never be marked as spam in Mail apps on iOS/macOS, as it will be considered that the email was received from their contact list.
You can add your business coordinates or address to a vCard/VCF and when a user uses the Maps app, they can immediately see your location on their device.
You can use the "birthday" field in vCard/VCF to show a reminder related to your business in your recipient's calendar.

Can I use my domain in the sender name?

By default, we provide our own domains that have a neutral name and are consonant with iMessage. But, we support aliases or your business domains so that they can be used as sender names.
We will not be able to use your own Apple IDs as sender names as this will affect the quality of the services we provide. If something happens with your account or will need to make urgent changes, it may affect the uptime of our services. Therefore, using your accounts that we cannot fully control has very high risks associated with the quality of our services.

At the moment you support the following features related to your domains:

This feature will only be available if you already have an active dedicated sender name.
You can add one or more aliases to your current sender name. It can be helpful if you need to process inbound messages for several businesses or products, you can do it under one dedicated sender name that can have several aliases. To use your email address as an alias you will need to accept a confirmation email to that mailbox and after that, it will be connected as an alias to your current sender name.
An email address that you want to you as an alias should be never used as an Apple ID, or "additional", "rescue", "notification", or "reachable at" email address for any of your current Apple IDs. You can use this guide by Apple on how to check this information.

Business domains

This feature will only be available if you already have an active dedicated sender name.
We can connect your business domain(s) and you can register all future sender names with this domain. To connect your domain, will need to temporarily add a TXT record to your domain's DNS.
The sender name that you requested to use as the sender name must never have been used as an Apple ID before.

Can I use my phone number as the sender?

Yes, you can purchase a phone number during the sender name checkout process. We'll generate a phone number according to the provided ZIP code.
This phone number will be attached as an alias to your current sender's name. It means you can continue to receive inbound messages from the original sender name and from the phone number.

Currently, we support only US numbers.

How to cancel the dedicated sender name?

If you cancel your dedicated sender name before the end of your current service period, we do NOT refund any amounts already paid for service in the future. In accounting terms, we don’t prorate services at LoopMessage due to the man-hours required to return used hardware to inventory for re-use. If you ever decide to stop using a dedicated sender name, you can do so through your customer dashboard.
Your sender name becomes inactive immediately when you cancel your service and does not remain available through the end of the service period (subscription month). If you wish to have access to your sender name until the end of the service period, cancel your service toward the end of the billing period (at least one day before the next billing period).

What should I do if my sender name has been suspended?

This means that the sender's name has been suspended by Apple. Usually, it happens when some of your recipients complained to Apple about your texts or their algorithms consider you sent junk texts. You will need to contact our support so that we can determine the next steps to resolve this issue.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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