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What are iMessage deep links and how to use them?

Deep link is a simple link to an application that allows you to immediately open this application with the options you need.
We recommend using them to make it easier for your contacts to initiate a conversation with your sender name.

Ho to create it

For example, if your sender name is, then your deep link for this sender will be: imessage://[email protected]
After pressing this link on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it will immediately open the Messages app where this sender name will be typed as the recipient. Looks easy, right?

You can also add a body parameter to this link so that you can pre-fill the text that will be sent. For example imessage://[email protected]&body=Hello
In this case, your contact will be enough just press return/enter, and everything is done! Your contact successfully sent you a text in iMessage.

You can also use these links to put them in the text, like here.
As a result, using deep links will help your contacts quickly initiate a conversation without manually entering your sender name.

In the dashboard, in your sender name settings, you will find a section where you can easily copy the already prepared link for your sender.
Keep in mind that imessage://... links will only work on Apple operating systems. If you try to open it on Windows or Android, most likely your contact will get an error that is unable to open this link.

Screenshot from dashboard

While deep links only work on Apple devices and immediately open the Messages app on the user's device, HTTPS links can work on any platform. This can be a good option to automate the process of directing your user to the correct communication channel based on their platform.

These links will open an internet browser, and we will check if the user's device is iPhone or Mac. If yes, then we will redirect the user to a deep link. Otherwise, the user will receive an error or be redirected to the link you specify. You can redirect the user not only to another URL but also to deep links in other applications. For example: sms://…, whatsapp://…, tg://….
By default, these links and redirects are cached on the user's devices. When you change the redirect URL from the dashboard, will need to wait a few minutes for the change to take effect for all users.

HTTPS links also support the body parameter for pre-fill the text that will be sent. For example👋

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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