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Sandbox environment

The sandbox allows you to test inbound and outbound messages without using your credits or purchasing a dedicated sender name. You can use this feature to test the API before using it on Production.
Messages sent within the Sandbox will always contain technical information at the end of each message.
The sandbox is designed to help your developers or QA team not use the main request limit for which you pay. This also will help you solve the issue when need to send messages separately only for testing and separately use them in a production environment.
To use the sandbox, you just need to add a phone number or email as a sandbox contact to the dashboard. In this case, all your requests for this contact will be force marked as the sandbox.
Keep in mind that when your implementation is used in a production environment, remember to remove the specified contact from the sandbox list, otherwise all requests related to this contact will continue to be processed as a sandbox.
Don't use sandbox messaging in a production environment. If you will abuse it, we reserve the right to nullify your sandbox limit.

Updated on: 18/12/2022

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