The sandbox mode allows you to send messages to test the integration with the service.
This mode has a separate monthly limit, the size of which depends on your pricing plan. Usually, this limit is 3-4 times less than your main limit pricing plan. Sandbox limit is reset every time a monthly payment is received. If your plan does not include charges, you will no longer be able to send messages when you reach the limit.

Messages sent within the Sandbox will always contain technical information at the end of each message.
The sandbox is designed to help your developers or QA team not use the main request limit for which you pay. This also will help you solve the issue when need to send messages separately only for testing and separately use them in a production environment.

Don't use sandbox messaging in a production environment. If you will abuse it, we reserve the right to nullify your sandbox limit.

To send sandbox messages, check our API documentation with instructions on how you can send messages in this environment.

Free pricing plans
In pricing plans where charges are not intended, they are an easy way for you to get acquainted with our service. Some standard features may be restricted or excluded in this pricing plan. For example, you cannot set a custom sender name in this plan.
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