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Frequently Asked Questions - iMessage API

You can find some answers related to API integration in the documentation for developers

How I can get credentials to use the service?

Need to choose a pricing plan, fill all required fields, and then type your billing information.

After payment, you receive credentials in an email. With these credentials, you can sign in to Dashboard and manage your license.

Is it possible to test your API for free?

Yes, after signup, you can verify your phone number and receive free messages on your balance. If you will need more test messages, please contact support.

How long will it take to integrate the service?

How I can get credentials to use the API?
Need to Sign Up, and during this process fill in all required fields. After that, you can find your credentials in the Dashboard.

What if a recipient will be an Android user, how will they receive the text?

If the service will determine that the recipient is not the owner of the iOS device or he deliberately disabled iMessage on the device, then you will receive an error from our API that the sending failed. In this case, you can already use an alternative sending method: WhatsApp, SMS, and etc. Because the exact same logic would be used if you try to send via WhatsApp to a number for which it is not installed, you will receive an error in response in the same way.
All our clients use us as an alternative gateway for messaging and almost always have several messaging gateways: iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS and etc. Therefore, we usually recommend connecting us in addition to your current SMS gateway in order to reduce the cost of sending messages to owners of iOS devices.

Can I use your API for transactional messaging?

Our API works well with transactional messages.

Transactional messages: user authentications, delivering account information, reports, alerts, and two-way communication with customers/users.

Can I use your API for promotion messaging?

It's possible if you purchase a dedicated sender name. But each link or email that you want to include in your text will need to send for review in advance. In some cases, we can disable reviewing process on an individual request.

Our service aimed to send only high-quality texts to recipients who expect to hear from you. If you will distribute through the API spam, phishing, scam, fakes, inappropriate texts, or any other content that recipients can report as junk, then your access may be restricted or blocked. Also, your texts from a dedicated sender name may have a "Not delivered" status if iMessage will mark your texts as junk. In such cases, refund requests will never be considered.

Can I send messages without a dedicated sender name?

Yes, in this case, shared sender names will be used which allows you to send any non-promotional texts to your recipients. But in this case, you will not be able to receive replies from them.

Which countries are supported for messaging?

If the user's device or region has some iMessage/FaceTime restrictions, you won't be able to send messages to users in those countries.

You can check the official apple document, to check if there are some restrictions for iMessage/FaceTime in your region. Or restrictions from telecom operators.

Also, at the moment there are some issues with the successful delivery of messages to phone numbers of Chinese telecom operators or devices activated on China's mainland. We are currently investigating this issue and how it can be resolved.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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