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Is it possible to send an outbound text first?

At the moment, to send outbound texts to a contact, you need to get consent to this from them. Therefore, you can only send a message after they initiate a conversation. This will be considered as consent from the contact, after which you can send them any messages.

To make it easier for your contact to start a conversation, you can send them a deep link to your dedicated sender name.

Why you can't text first?

In short: Apple doesn't like when their services are used for spam.
When your contact receives a message from an unknown contact, they will have the option "Report Junk". If your recipients start to report you, then all your subsequent messages may have the status "Not delivered" at the Apple layer, and your texts may never be delivered to your new contacts.
We can't tell you the exact number of reports that would be enough to block your sender name. In some cases, one report is enough (if it is a new sender name), and in some cases, it is enough to receive several reports within a short time period (will be considered as active spamming)

This type of consent does not affect the causes described above. Because iMessage can't know that your contact has given any consent outside of this platform. Therefore, it does not work like 10DLC/Toll-Free Number/Short Code or any other regular SMS gateways where it is acceptable to receive consent outside of SMS.
If you have contacts who can always agree to receive texts from any channel, you can easily ask them to initiate a conversation by using deep links.

Is there any way to send outbound messages first?

In some cases, we can remove the restriction from our side for your specific sender names. But you must understand that you will keep all the risks if it is blocked due to complaints.
Your dedicated sender name must be equal to all of the following requirements:
Your dedicated sender name must be more than 3 months old.
Your sender name must have active conversations in the last 3 months with a minimum of 100 contacts.
Your outbound messages should have a minimum 20-30% reply rate.
If you equal all these requirements, please contact support, describe your use case and we will try to activate this feature for you.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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