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How setup ChatGPT integration without coding

This guide describes how to use the no-coding integration with ChatGPT by OpenAI.
You can quickly create your own ChatGPT-based iMessage bot that can perform text completion.
You must already have a created OpenAI account and API Key (Secret key).

1) Open the list of purchased dedicated sender names and select the one to which you want to connect the integration.

2) Scroll to the Integrations section and in the ChatGPT block click Connect.

3) Fill in your API Key and other settings that are required to generate responses from OpenAI.

After that, the integration is complete 🎉
You can start chatting with the bot via deep link or https link.

This integration only supports text messages. Media files or voices are not supported.

What's next?

You can set up the initial greeting. This will be the message that will be sent to your contact once when they initiate a conversation. This setting is located in the Integrations section.
Create a Contact file (vCard) that can be sent along with the greeting.

If you want more advanced integration with ChatGPT, we recommend you use programming and our API Doc.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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