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Why messages may contain random characters at the end?

When you send a lot of messages with the same content, instant messengers may think that you are distributing spam and block you.

Random characters will be added to each of your messages at the end to help make each text unique. In this way, the LoopMessage app tries to help avoid blocking your account.

What does a lot of messages mean?

In our case, if there are more than 10 messages with the same content.

How to remove them?

You need to use personalized tokens that allow you to make each of your messages unique. In this case, random characters will not be added.

How else to avoid blocking

You send links to recipients with whom you have not had a dialogue before. The same may apply if your first message contains anything related to alcohol, drugs, or adult content.
Try to not send unwanted content to irrelevant recipients. If most recipients mark messages as junk, your account may be blocked or all further messages to other recipients may not be delivered.
Try to distribute messages that the recipients want to reply to you. Thus, if your message is a first for a recipient from you, then after a reply, a two-way connection will be created between you. And all further messages most likely will be successfully delivered to them.

Updated on: 25/06/2022

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