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Do you have any integration for SMS fallback?

Is it possible to use Twilio, Vonage, Plivo, or any other SMS gateway for auto fallback if failed to send iMessage?

At the moment we do not have any direct integrations with any of the SMS gateways. However, you can easily make it yourself. You just need to handle the "failed" status from our API, and in this case, you can use any other SMS fallback API from your backend.

In our API doc, you can find the "Best Practices" section where we enumerated in which cases you can understand that your request has failed status.
I use CRM or any other service that has native integration with Twilio or any other SMS gateway. Can I somehow integrate your iMessage API into this flow?

The main trouble is that in most cases these integrations are focused on accessing the servers of their own services. And they will process your requests as they wish.

For example, if your service/software has native integration with Twilio, there is no way to make requests to the Twilio servers where they somehow decide that they will first send through our service (iMessage) and only then through their gateway. Therefore, if it will possible, Twilio would deliberately reduce its ability to charge you for your requests by first trying to deliver text through any other solution than its own (where they expect you to pay them). That is why, in most cases, SMS gateways, when accessing their API, they will not allow using redirect requests or fallbacks to other services, which will reduce their ability to charge you for their own services.

Only by integrating several messaging APIs into your own backend will you be able to control how and under what conditions text should be delivered. Unfortunately, the current SMS gateways will not allow you to do that.

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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