It's possible if you purchase a dedicated sender name. But each link or email that you want to include in your text will need to send for review in advance. In some cases, we can disable reviewing process on an individual request.

Our service aimed to send only high-quality texts to recipients who expect to hear from you.
If you will distribute through the API spam, phishing, scam, fakes, inappropriate texts, or any other content that recipients can report as junk, then your access may be restricted or blocked. Also, your texts from a dedicated sender name may have a "Not delivered" status if iMessage will mark your texts as junk. In such cases, according to our terms of use, refund requests will never be considered.

Complain about junk in iMessage
When recipients receive a message from an unknown recipient for the first time, they will have the option to "Report Junk". If your recipients often send these reports, so as described above, all your further messages may have a "Not delivered" status.
For marketing messages, we recommend getting approval from your recipients in advance or asking them to add your sender's name to contact list. This will help you avoid complaints about your texts.
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